First Look: Hogue 26000 for Sig P226

Hogue 26000 Monogrip for Sig Sauer P226

Like all the “First Look” reviews, this will be straight to the point. Enjoy!

This grip is described as being for larger hands and this is certainly true. I have a very large hand, and I would say anyone with a larger hand will find this very comfortable. As with all Hogue grips the tactile feel is excellent. I personally like the finger grooves in all of my grips but that is a matter of personal preference.

Installation is extremely easy on the Sig P226 MK25. One quick note is that while this will fit many P226s (The Legion is not included in that list) some P226s will require you to also purchase grip screws (links below) in either the standard or hex style, and either will work interchangeably. The MK25 along with a few other styles do not require additional screws to be purchased.

I will post an update once I have tested this grip thoroughly.


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